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Edyuz is an undertaking by Webiwo. Edyuz helps Educational institutions to generate a good impact among likely students and investors through building smart and professional websites at affordable rates.

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Edyuz primarily focuses on websites for Educational institutions. Our focused approach enables us to put more effort into it and meet your requirements in a more satisfying manner. The quality of a website depends on few criteria, namely - speed, accuracy, level of details and appearance. Edyuz helps you to achieve all of these and more at an affordable rate, very quickly.


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It is estimated that about 90% of the student community uses the Web each day. Educational websites play a great role in attracting both domestic and international students, and can be a great source of knowledge for them. India hosts one of the largest population of students in the world, but a lack of knowledge has seen an increase in Indian students studying abroad and a fewer percent of foreign students in the country. Edyuz helps you to spread your informations around the world through a dynamic and fast website, thus, attracting more students from around the world while convincing domestic students to continue their education in the country. We believe in the phrase ”The best way to predict the future is to create it” .

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